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October 25, 2017                                                                                                973-222-2902

Senator Steve Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space, and Assembly Candidate Hal Wirths today applauded the Department of Education for reinstating close to an extra $1 million in school aid which was taken away by the Democrats Fiscal Year 2018 budget.

 “Parker and I fought to gain back our school districts’ lost aid ever since Democrat leaders announced they were taking it away,” Oroho said. “We are proud to say today that we gained almost every dollar back.”

 10 school districts who had their funding slashed by Democrats have regained most of their aid back through a process that Senator Oroho and Assemblyman Space fought to have placed in the budget.

 “The Democrats originally wanted to cut $3.3 million from our schools,” Space said. “This was highly unfair and unacceptable. Steve and I advocated for our schools and $2.3 million was restored before the Democrat budget was passed.”

 Assembly Candidate Hal Wirths applauded his running mates for their hard work to restore the lost aid.

 “Steve and Parker always work hard for their constituents and gaining almost all the school aid that was cut shows it,” said Wirths. “Liberal Democrats are always trying to give us the short end of the stick because urban centers like Jersey City and Hoboken are their priority over rural and suburban areas.”

The Republican candidates also reiterated their support for scrapping the Corzine Democrat school funding formula and creating a new simpler one enshrined in the State Constitution that treats all students equally no matter where they live.

“The current school funding formula is overly complicated, is ripe with fraud, and punishes us in rural areas,” said Oroho. “Parker, Hal, and I have been advocating change and we will continue to do so because we put our students and our taxpayers first.”

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Senator Oroho, Assemblyman Space, and Assembly Candidate Wirths are the Republican candidates in the 24th Legislative District comprising all of Sussex County and parts of Warren and Morris Counties.

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