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September 29, 2017                                                      973-222-2902

Assemblyman Parker Space and Assembly candidate Hal Wirths applaud Sussex County Republican Freeholder candidate Herb Yardley for proposing to have the voters approve county borrowing.

“This would be a major fiscal reform if enacted,” said Space, R-Sussex, Warren, Morris.  “It takes courage to think outside the box, and I applaud Herb for bringing this to the table.” 

“In addition to the obvious check on government spending, I support giving the voters more of an official say when it comes to deciding policy,” Space added.  “Not only am I a sponsor of similar legislation in the Assembly (A690), I am also the sponsor of an initiative and referendum proposal to give the voters a say on matters of property tax reform, campaign finance, lobbying, government ethics, and elections procedure (ACR40).  Both these measures would be taken up if we have a special session on property taxes, which Senator Oroho, Hal, and myself have been pushing (ACR65/SCR122).

Hal Wirths, the former Commissioner of Labor, said that Herb’s plan would help reign in county borrowing and reduce debt load for future generations.

“This has been working in neighboring Warren County for over four years,” said Wirths.  “By making it harder to issue new debt, their restriction on borrowing has enabled the freeholder board there to pay down past debt thus freeing up money to be used to hold the line on taxes.”

“I want to help Herb make this a reality in Sussex County,” Wirths added.  “And if elected to the Assembly, I would like to give this power to approve county borrowing to voters in all 21 counties.”

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